The King is Naked It is a work that seeks to make visible the effects of real and imaginary social pressure, which consequently maintains a censorship of the individual expression if the same one does not maintain concordance with the group norms. By considering man to be a gregarious animal, most people, consciously or unconsciously, believe they need acceptance and consequent integration on the part of others. However, it is an illusion of control and belonging, in which paradoxically one wants to be both different and equal to others. This triggers an external conformism that brings about a cognitive dissonance because, by belonging, a voluntary renunciation of authenticity typically occurs. Intrinsically, it dominates the apparent, building a Pseudorealism that classifies and punishes any dissident member as a scapegoat.

"The tragedy of the modern world is not that man knows less and less the meaning of his own life, but that he cares less and less."


Václav Havel