The alias Sra.D (Ms. X) stands as a complaint against the loss of identity of women upon marriage, automatically leaving their surname to acquire their husbands. It's something that happens in many countries, establishing itself as something implicit in marriage. Through her work, Ms. X seeks to represent all those women who seek emancipation. Nobody's women.
Lara Padilla, a.k.a Ms. X, lives and works between Madrid, Miami and New York.
Graduated in Fine Arts from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid and Master in Film Photography Direction from the TAI School, she is a multidisciplinary artist that uses paint, sculpture, dance, performance, cinema and fashion as means of artistic expression. She combines texture with movement, canvases and clothing to travel between different social and professional contexts.

Her art has participated in individual and group exhibitions at national and international level, such as in the museum "Museo de Zapadores de Madrid"  (November 2020, Madrid) or "Art Basel Miami" (January - July 2019, Miami).

Her fascination for fashion eventually led her to work with clients such as Springfield, Pepe Jeans or Levis. She also actively collaborates with Patricia Field, the stylist of series such as "Sex In The City" or "The Devil wears Prada" for her project Patricia Field Art Fashion, designing unique hand-painted garments.




Solo shows:

2020    5th Creative Textile Recycling Marathon at La Casa Encendida, Madrid.(ArtFashion)

2020    Solo Show in Museum of Zapadores, City of Art. Madrid. (Painting, Sculpture)
2020    Solo Show in White Lab Gallery, Madrid (Painting, Sculpture, Performance)

2019    Emperador Hotel Gran Vía, Madrid. (Painting, Performance)
2017    Art Fashion Runway & Art show in The Artist Corner Gallery, Art Basel MIA,Wynwood. (Artfashion, Painting)
2017    Fundación Pons, Madrid, Spain. (Painting, photography, Videodance)

2012    “Art Fuze,” LMNT Gallery, Miami, USA (Painting)


             Group shows:


2021    Art show “Celebrating Diversity” at 3 Punts Gallery (Painting), Barcelona.

2021    Art Madrid Contemporary Art Fair 21 represented by 3 Punts Gallery (Painting)

2021    Urvanity Contemporary Art Fair 21 represented by 3 Punts Gallery  (Painting)

2021    Estampa Contemporary Art Fair 21 represented by 3 Punts Gallery (Painting)  

2019    Art Fair Aqua Art Miami, Art Basel 2019. (Painting)

2019    Runway with Patricia Field in Wynwood, Patricia Field Gallery. (Art Fashion & Painting)

2018    ArtBanchel Art  Festival, Madrid (Performance)

2018   Tercera Setmana Dance Festival, Museu de Belles Arts Castellón, (Performance)

2018    Beta Pública Dance Festival 2018 ( Performance)

2018    Aqua Art Miami - Art Basel- MIA (Painting)

2018    Runway at Perez Art Museum with Patricia Field, Art Basel. MIA. (Art Fashion)

2018    Runway with Patricia Field in Wynwood, Patricia Field Gallery. (Art Fashion & Painting)

2017    Spectrum Art Basel  with Saphira & Ventura Gallery. MIA. (Painting)

2017    Patricia Field Art Fashion,  in White Dot Gallery, MIA, Wynwood. (Art Fashion)

2017    Runway in Jackie´O Super Paradaise Beach with Patricia Field Art Fashion,Greece.

2017    Runway in Mad Walk with Patricia Field Art Fashion, Greece. (Art Fashion)

2017    Runway in Joe´s Garage, Catskills, with Patricia Fiel Art Fashion. NYC.(Art Fashion)

2017   “Miradas” in Junta Municipal of Retiro, Madrid. Cultural center “ La Vaguada”, Madrid,

             & Junta Municipal  Fuencarral -El Pardo.Spain.

2016    IX GATADANS; Dance Festival of  Madrid, España. Conference

             and artshow. (Photography)

2016    “Taste of Sobe” in Icon South Beach, Art Basel Art Fair, Miami Beach. (Painting)

2016    “LUMINARIA” Contemporary Art in Usera, Madrid, Spain,(Photography)

2015    “G&U” in Wynwood, 2328 North Miami Avenue, USA,  Art Basel. (Painting)

2014    “FRESH GALLERY”, Madrid, Spain, Art Show  Meetinarts in CANAL+.(Videodance)

2013     DUMBO Art Fair, NYC, USA. (Painting)

2012    “Faim Art” Art Fair, Madrid, Spain.(Painting)

2012     The Lab Miami Gallery, Miami, USA (Painting)

2012    “Art Takes Time Square”, NY, USA (Photography, Painting)

2010    “EX-LIBRIS,” Art show, UCM, Madrid (Xilography)
2009    “Set in Black,” French Institute, Madrid.

2009    “El Muro al reves,” French Institute, Madrid (Painting)

                Street art:

2021    Wallspot Art Festival, Femme Creators Edition (Wall)

2019    Pinta Malasaña, Street Art Festival. (Wall)

2015    Wall in Wynwood, Art Basel in G&U, Miami, USA. (wall) NW 24