The plastic artist Lara Padilla presents an Art Fashion proposal that is born from painting as an artisanal process that is comprised of the design of the clothing piece, the actual dressmaking, and the final touches which involve painting by hand. There are no two pieces alike; these are exclusive designs and one of a kind.

The artist’s proposal is also a sustainable one, as many of the pieces are the result of recycling efforts.

The works consist of giving new life to each piece that is in disuse, in redefining and transforming them into something unique; into a work of art.

Just as in painting, the base format is a fundamental part of the freedom of expression that an artist has, and in Lara Padilla’s trajectory, painting on apparel has been a new discovery, a creative cry, a new channel through which she can show her world and conquer new forms and means of representation.

Although some of the spaces that are considered for the display of art often have their limitations or are simply not that accessible (both for the artist and for the general public), through the fashion format she has been able to transform and immediately transport her art anywhere without the need for that mystical encounter with the right gallery. It is art without a contract, in movement, at street level, it is art to be conquered, art to take away.